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Aluminum Foil EOE Sealing Machine

Model No.:

Aluminum Foil EOE Sealing Machine

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Nowadays ,the lid of pop can is made of aluminum, which is soft and safe, avoiding the hurt and broken. The Automatic Pop Can Aluminum Foil Lid Seal Machine is used mainly to Install Aluminum Lids onto Cans. This is commonly in Europe known as ‘Full Open Lid Production Line’.


  • Fully Automated with its Ability to Integrate Various Processes

  • Touch Screen System with PLC Controller.

  • Temperature controller regulates and shows the temperature.

  • Work in high speed that the fastest speed can reach 200 can/hour each unisea.l

  • High pressure, low temperature and the pressure-holding time is short which make highly seal.

  • An Emboss is followed by any other processes that are customized according by the manufacturer’s needs.

Specification :

ModelSKM – B2SKM – B3SKM – B4
Capacity( PCS/ Hour)1,500 – 3,6002,400 – 5,4003,000 – 7,200
Power ( KWs )202835
Air Consumption( m3/ Min )
Machine Weight ( KGs )30004,0005,000

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