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Advantage Of Bread Packaging Machine

Apr. 15, 2019

1. The function of the Bread Packaging Machine: fluid, semi-fluid conveying, bag forming, weight adjustment, vacuum sealing, cutting, counting, etc.; using microcomputer to control photoelectric tracking and correction system, equipped with high-precision stepping motor, precise each bag At the same position of the pattern, the control system completes the synchronization, fixed length, positioning and speed of the whole machine, and automatically diagnoses the fault function. Optional ribbon code printer or stencil coding device.

2. The appearance and molding part of the whole Chocolate Packaging Machine are made of stainless steel, which is clean and hygienic and meets food hygiene standards;

3. The computer operating system adopts imported color touch screen control, digital humanized management, and has many advanced functions such as lack of materials, automatic shutdown of the package materials, and timely alarms, which makes the operation simpler and more convenient for maintenance;

4. The control part adopts Japanese Mitsubishi PLC programming control, and the performance is stable and reliable, with self-checking prompt function;

5, the feed pump can be selected from the original US imported or domestic 316 stainless steel pump, sturdy and durable, high standard pressure, especially suitable for the transportation of high viscosity materials;

6. The electrical components adopt international brand products, the quality is reliable, and it is convenient to purchase and replace by itself;

7. The piston pump filling system does not rotate or squeeze the filling material, does not damage the filling structure, does not cause discoloration of the filling material, and has no effect on the appearance of the mouthfeel;

8. The packaging capacity can reach more than 1.5 tons per hour, and the automatic filling and sealing is completed above 85 °C to avoid secondary pollution, improve work efficiency and reduce production cost.

Bread Packaging Machine

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