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The main advantages of flow wrapping machine

May. 19, 2018

The flow wrapping machines ideally adjust in packaging products of different shapes like cubical, cylindrical, conical and similar shapes. The distinctive premium features are its flexible speed that helps pack up to 200 (or more) packs per minute, preventing the wastage of packaging material because the pouch adjusts itself while packaging materials of different weights. The machine also has an inbuilt photoelectric system with proper lining adjustment for the film feed.

Key Benefits of the flow wrapping machine

1. Fast, reliable automation for high production volumes.

2. Low TCO (total cost of ownership), thanks to durable construction, long life time, low maintenance levels and high operating efficiency.

3. High quality package appearance ensured through state-of-the-art film handling and sealing technology.

If you are loking for multi-function flow wrapping machine such as candy flow wrapping machine or horizontal flow wrapping machine, please feel free to contact us.

The main advantages of flow wrapping machine

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