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Maintenance Of Pick Fill Seal Machine

Jul. 20, 2018

In addition to paying attention to the inside of the cleaning machine, the external maintenance of the pick fill seal machine is also very important. I believe that everyone does not like to work on a messy work surface when they go to work every day. It is also very important that if the customer goes to the production workshop to see it, it will be very bad to see that the machine work surface is full of glue and debris. Maintenance method: After use, be sure to clean the remaining glue inside the machine, and also clean, clean the production countertop or remove the spilled glue, try not to put debris. Cleaning is actually very simple:

1. Open the air valve and blow out the glue that needs to be cleaned.

2. Open the cleaning solution and rinse the mixing tube.

3. Use the gas to blow off the rinse solution. Some factories cannot use cleaning facilities because of environmental needs, and generally do not have automatic cleaning function.

Manual cleaning method: After the work is completed, remove the AB glue mixing tube in front of the plastic cup fill seal machine and put it into the organic solvent to soak it, let the resin and the clear liquid dissolve, clean it, or change a mixing tube.

Pick Fill Seal Machine

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