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Powder Packaging Line Common Faults And Troubleshooting Methods

Nov. 21, 2018

1. The packaging material may be broken because the packaging material is wired or burrs, the paper supply proximity switch is damaged, and the unqualified packaging material should be removed and replaced with a new proximity switch; and the packaging material is qualified based on the bag seal. Not tight because the sealing temperature is low, it is necessary to check the heat sealing temperature after inspection.

2. If the sealing is not correct and the position of the cutting bag is not correct, the position of the heat sealer and the electric eye should be re-adjusted; if the pull motor does not run, it may be a line fault, a switch damage, and an Powder Packaging Line controller problem. It is necessary to check the circuit for a new switch. Packaging machine controller to solve

3. Regarding the machine out of control is the line fault, the fuse is broken, and the shaper is caused by debris, it is necessary to check the line, replace the fuse, and clean the former. Correct maintenance and maintenance of the powder packaging machine not only makes us more convenient in the process of use, but also reduces unnecessary losses. Because the use of various Powder Packing Machine is becoming more and more important in the market, its maintenance and maintenance is particularly important.

The simple maintenance of the common faults of the powder packaging machine is the key to ensure the normal operation of the equipment, effectively improve the packaging efficiency, ensure the packaging quality and greatly extend the service life of the powder packaging machine and improve the efficiency of the enterprise.

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