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Powder Packaging Line Operation Precautions B

Jan. 18, 2019

1. Adjust the length of the bag. Put the packaging material into the bag-making device of Powder Packaging Line according to the relevant regulations, clamp it between the two rollers, rotate the roller, and pull the packaging material below the cutter. After the set temperature is reached for 2 minutes, turn on the start switch. Loosen the lock nut of the bag length adjustment screw, adjust the handle of the bag length controller, turn clockwise to shorten the length of the bag, and vice versa. After reaching the required bag length, tighten the nut.

2. Determine the position of the cutter. When the length of the bag is determined, remove the cutter and close the start switch to seal several bags. When the heat sealer has just opened, the tire will stop immediately before the roller has been pulled. Then move the cutter on the left to align the edge with the middle of the cross-sealing lane of the integral length of the bag, and make the blade perpendicular to the direction of the straight paper. Tighten the left cutter fastening screw and lean the right cutter against the left cutter. After leveling, let the tip of the knife point to the tip of the knife. Tighten the fastening screw on the front of the stone cutter slightly, and press the back of the right cutter downward to make a certain pressure between the two cutters. Fasten the fastening behind the right cutter. Screw, put the packaging material between the blades, and tap down on the front of the right cutter to see if the packaging material can be cut off. Otherwise, continue to be cut off, and finally tighten the front screws.

3. When the Automatic Packaging Machine is shut down, the heat sealer must be in the open position to prevent burning of the packaging material and extend the life of the heat sealer.

4. When turning the metering disc, it is not allowed to rotate the metering disc in a clockwise direction. Before starting the machine, check whether the feeding doors are closed (except for the material door in the open state), otherwise the parts may be damaged.

5. Metering adjustment When the weight of the packaged material is less than the required weight, the adjustment screw of the metering disc can be adjusted clockwise to achieve the required packing quantity. If it is larger than the required weight, the reverse is true.

6. After the filling operation is normal, the machine can work normally. Turn on the counter switch to complete the counting work, and finally install the protective cover.

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