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Working Principle Of Pre Made Pouch Fill Seal Machine

Sep. 20, 2018

Pressure method

The material to be poured is squeezed into the packaging container by Pre Made Pouch Fill Seal Machine pressure or air pressure. This method is mainly used for filling thick materials with high viscosity, such as filling ketchup, meat emulsion, toothpaste, balsam and the like. Sometimes it can also be used for the filling of soft drinks such as soft drinks. At this time, the air pressure of the steam water itself is directly poured into the bottle which is not inflated and equal pressure, thereby increasing the filling speed, and the formed foam is easy to disappear due to the lack of colloid in the steam water. It has a certain influence on the quality of filling.

For general edible liquid materials such as bottled milk, bottled wine, carbonated beverages, etc., Cup Fill Seal Machine, vacuum filling method, etc., but considering the cost, the isostatic filling method can effectively reduce the loss of CO2. Maintain the quality of the carbonated beverage and prevent excessive foaming during filling to ensure accurate filling measurement. Therefore, this paper uses the isostatic filling method.

Pre Made Pouch Fill Seal Machine

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