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Pushing Sugar Mechanism Of Chocolate Packaging Machine

Aug. 02, 2018

The push sugar structure of the chocolate packaging machine uses a crank and a slider to realize a plane link mechanism in which the rotation and the movement are mutually converted, which is also called a crank linkage mechanism. The member of the crank slider mechanism that forms a moving pair with the frame is a slider.

The crank slider mechanism is widely used in the main mechanism of a reciprocating piston engine, a compressor, a punching machine, etc, and converts the reciprocating movement into a rotary motion that is not a full circumference or an entire circumference; the compressor and the punching machine use the crank as an active part to rotate the whole circumference. Convert to reciprocating. The slider of the offset crank slider mechanism has a snapback characteristic, and the sawing machine utilizes this feature to achieve the slow forward and empty return of the saw blade.

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