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Spout Bag Fill Seal Machine Maintenance

Nov. 06, 2018

First of all, in order to maintain and maintain the Spout Bag Fill Seal Machine, the premise is to keep the environment of the machine clean and tidy. The environment should not be excessively wet. It is not suitable for metal containers and metal covers, and can not be placed on the metal table. Otherwise it will damage the machine. It should be reminded that the filling and sealing machine should not be used in harsh environments such as flammable or explosive.

Secondly, we all know that the current Shaped Bag Filling Sealing Machine is generally automated. It can be said that automation is basically based on electricity as energy. Therefore, we must first understand some related circuit knowledge so that we can Quickly solve some common problems faced. The three-phase four-wire system shall be equipped with the same type of socket that matches the power supply of the machine, and shall comply with the requirements for three-phase four-wire power supply; the single-phase type machine shall be equipped with a three-phase power socket and ensure that the machine is reliably grounded. Unplug the power plug when performing the filling and sealing machine to prevent electric shock.

Very important point is that the key to the maintenance of the filling and sealing machine is to keep the sealing room part in a very clean state, and regularly wipe the inside of the machine. The oil for the filling and sealing pump can only be added. To the two-thirds position of the oil window of the filling and sealing pump. And strictly follow the instructions for use and maintenance of the filling and sealing pump.

Spout Bag Fill Seal Machine

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