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What Should To Follow With a Spout Bag Sealing Machine?

Apr. 11, 2019

1. If the Spout Bag Sealing Machine is found to be abnormal during operation, immediately turn off the power and correct the abnormality before continuing to use it.

2. Each class should check the parts and lubrication of the liquid packaging machine. It is necessary to add 20# lubricating oil to keep the lubrication of each part and prolong the service life, otherwise the service life will be shortened;

3. Each class should check the end face of the horizontal heat sealing copper block. If there is foreign matter on the surface, it should be cleaned in time, otherwise the sealing will be uneven or the sealing will not be firm.

4. If the Weighing Filling System is stopped, the residue in the pipeline should be washed away with clean water in time to keep the pipeline clean, so as to ensure the quality of the packaging at the next use;

5. In winter, if the temperature is below 0 °C, the quenching pump and the icing in the pipe must be melted with hot water. If it does not melt, the connecting rod may be broken, cannot be used, or the machine cannot be started.

Spout Bag Sealing Machine

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