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Bag Making Machine

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Bag Making Machine

Product details


Characteristic of the machine

Newly design machine series of central sealing,the speed is faster and the machine is more

expert.In addition,is has types of bag can be made.


Technical Variables

1) Main electric scheme: double servo motor for traction, PLC control ; touch keyborad input;main driving is AC with Yaskawa Inverter, automatic constant tension for unwinding.

2) Suitable material: this machine is suitable for producing multi-layer three side sealing laminated film or co-extrusion film.

3) Max.thickness: It doesn't mater.Only confirm the max.thickness of PET,ALU.,PE three layers laminated is not exceed 0.5mm

4) The speed of machine: 150 hypo-minute

5) The speed of feeding: ≤30 m/min (decided according the material)

6) The length of bag making: 380mm, excess this data adopts skip material feeding (Max. skip material feeding is 6)     Max. width : 480 mm

7) The dimension of roll material: ф600 x1200mm (diameter x web-width)

8) Accuracy of orientation: ≤± 0.5mm

9) Thermal-sealing knife’s quantity of heat:

Vertical-sealing adopts 5 groups for heating fluctuation, cooling up-down.

Bottom-sealing adopts 3 groups for heating fluctuation,and 1 group for cooling.

Central forming sealing adopts 2 groups for heating fluctuation,cooling up and down.

10) The quantity of temperature heating: 24 pieces

11) The bound of temperature: 0-300 ℃

Ancillary facilities

1, Power: three phase 380V 50Hz, air Switches 150A, Ground (R.S.T.N)

2, Capacity: ≥ 50 KW

3, gas source: 35 liters / min (0.6Mpa)

4, cooling water: 15 liters / min

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