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Product Name:

Rice Grain/ Cereal Oats Seeds Packing Machine

Model No.:

Rice Grain/ Cereal Oats Seeds Packing Machine

Product details


Pouches Type:

All kinds of gusset pouches (M-type pouch), include stand-up gusset pouch, compound paper pouch, etc.



1. Solid: candy, chocolate, rock candy, cookies, cakes, peanuts, green beans, pistachios, nuts, cooked food, pickles, puffed food, daily necessities, etc.

2. Granule: MSG, chicken, sugar, melon seeds, nuts, capsules, granular medicines, seeds, feed, pesticides, fertilizers, chemical raw materials.

3. Powder: spices, monosodium glutamate, salt, glucose, refined sugar, milk powder, detergent powder, pesticides, fertilizers, chemical raw materials, etc.

4. Liquid: rice wine, soy sauce, rice vinegar, fruit juice, beverage, detergent, etc.

5. Thick liquid: tomato sauce, peanut butter, jam, chili sauce, bean paste, etc.

6. Other materials can be bagged.


Main Features:

1. Suitable pouches: all kinds of side gusset pouches/ M-type pouch

2. Gusset bag opening device: special for gusset bags, to make sure the bag opened enough.

3. Easy to operate: PLC controller, HMI system, fault indication on the touch screen.

4. Easy to adjust: only about 10 minutes to change different pouches.

5. Frequency control: speed can be adjusted by frequency conversion within the range.

6. High automation: unmanned in weighing and packing process, machine alarm automatically when failure.

Specifications and Parameter: 

Bag typesAll kinds of compound gusset bags
Bag sizesW:70-300mm       L:100-400mm
Filling range5-1500g
Packing speed15-45 bags/min (depended on the product and filling weight)
Package accuracyError ≤±1%
Compress air requirement≥0.4 m3/min

Pre-made Pouch packaging Machinery

Rezpack headquartered in Zhejiang Ruian economic development zone, known as China’s cradle of packaging machinery, Rezpack Machinery Inc. is a leading manufacturer of packaging machines. It is an ISO9001 certified enterprise with more than two decades of experience in R&D, manufacturing, marketing and service. All their products are CE compliant. As the proud owner of more than 40 patents, Rezpack won the Ringier Technology Innovation Award in 2011. The patents include technologies of feeding device, transmission mechanism, automatic production line, etc.

Rezpack also organized and held regular training sessions in order to keep themselves updated with the latest knowledge, new skills and current market needs and trends.

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