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Liquid Filler

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Liquid Filler

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Applications for Liquid Filler:
Fruit juice, Liquid soap,liquid chemical products and other liquid  products etc.

Main Features of Liquid Filler:
Liquid filler is a kind of  semiautomatic piston liquid filling machine, and suitable for filling various light viscous liquid products.
1.Complying with GMP standard, all product contact parts are in stainless steel.
2.Filling with high precision, filling volume and speed can be adjusted.
3.Filling head adopt anti-drip and anti-drawing device.
4.Combined with packaging machine and other packaging related equipment.

Main Specification of Liquid Filler:

Machine nameLiquid Filler
Working modePiston type
Weighing Range10-500ml(can be customized to 3000ml)
Weight Accuracy±1%
Hopper Volume70L
Voltage380V 3-Phases 50/60HZ

Pre-made Pouch packaging Machinery

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