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Six Heads Weigher

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Six Heads Weigher

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This machine is a fully automatic measuring packaging equipment specially developed for pharmaceutical industry, food industry, aquatic products industry, daily chemical industry, fine chemical industry and so on. It is made in full accordance with National GMP Standard, suitable for packing granular materials and puffed granular materials such as rice, peanuts, nuts, corn, solid drinks, sugar, coffee, glucose, pills, detergent, etc.


1. The machine is completely made of SUS304 stainless steel and mirror-surface treatment is used for parts exposed to materials, meeting the requirements of high quality.

2. The protection grade of the equipment can reach IP55. No hidden corners and the modular structural design make it convenient to quickly disassemble or assemble all the units, easy to be packed, transported, maintained, replaced and cleaned.

3. Gas source is not required in order to avoid gas and oil pollution. The gate of the weighing bucket is driven by stepping motor, capable of being paused or adjusted at any speed and angle, which is suitable for different materials.

4. It is equipped with friendly man-machine interface and simple one-button operation system. All working parameters can be automatically tracked and corrected. If you want to replace the current product, only one parameter of the replacement needs re-setting. The military modular programmable weighing controller is stable, reliable and highly intelligent.
5. The equipment provides remote control support and networking capabilities. The data statistics functions such as single package weight, cumulative quantity, product percent of pass, weight deviation, etc. can all be developed and uploaded. Communication protocol MODBUS is used to enjoy a very convenient interlinking DCS.

6. It allows storing up to 9 formula data, each of which can be invoked by one-button operation system

Main Specification of 6-Head Weigher

Packaging Range10~1800 cc (optimal range 100~800 g)
Division ValueX0.1
Accuracy1/1000 F.S. 2σ
Speed≤ 80 bags/min
Power700 W
Voltage220V, 50/60Hz
Cache VolumeAbout 75L
Total WeightAbout 200 kg
Overall dimension L 1250 * W 700 * H 1400 (mm)

Pre-made Pouch packaging Machinery

Rezpack headquartered in Zhejiang Ruian economic development zone, known as China’s cradle of packaging machinery, Rezpack Machinery Inc. is a leading manufacturer of packaging machines. It is an ISO9001 certified enterprise with more than two decades of experience in R&D, manufacturing, marketing and service. All their products are CE compliant. As the proud owner of more than 40 patents, Rezpack won the Ringier Technology Innovation Award in 2011. The patents include technologies of feeding device, transmission mechanism, automatic production line, etc.

Rezpack also organized and held regular training sessions in order to keep themselves updated with the latest knowledge, new skills and current market needs and trends.


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